Not a drop of water should be wasted!

Every day as you turn on your shower and let it run to heat up, gallons of water are wasted. Depending on the shower, in just one minute as many as 2-5 gallons (10-20 liters)  of clean water can be swept down the drain. Its compact size and shape fits into all standard bathtubs and showers.

Aguawell allows you to collect 1.6 gallons (or 6 liters) of clean water as your shower heats up, to use later for watering plants, flushing the toilet, or other water needs.

Aguawell is easy to use: Simply place the Aguawell under the flow of the shower or bath. The water will run over the carefully designed surface and be collected inside.

When the water has reached your desired temperature, simply swivel the lid closed to avoid soapy water entering while you take your shower. It also is a guarantee that mosquitos can’t access the water making the product Zika, Malaria and Dengue proof!

Then place Aguawell in the upright position out of the way and shower as normal. This clean water can later be used to water plants, wash a car, or even flush the toilet.

Aguawell_collect_water_in_the_showerAguawell_swirvel_lid Aguawell_collecting_water Aguawell_storage

Aguawell is being commercialized by the market leader in the sector.