Children do get ill, and they do need vitamins.

Medicinus encloses the syringe in a friendly, smooth and round shape, creating a more comfortable atmosphere and removing anxiety from both parent and child.

”I’ve have used Medicinus for both my children. Cecilie, who is three, has recurring ear-infections and often takes penicillin. Before, she used to spit out the medicine, but with Medicinus there have been no problems. Isabella, who is one, must take asthma-medication, and I was always afraid of hurting her with the syringe. With Medicinus, that worry is gone. I highly recommend Medicinus to other parents.”

Children younger than 5-6 years of age are not able to swallow tablets, thus most formulations are made in liquid form. Medicine in liquid form has a rather peculiar and often a quite nasty taste

7 out of 10 parents have difficulties in giving their children the right amount of syringe-administered fluid medication orally, as syringes arouse unpleasant hospital-like associations.

Medicine in liquid form has a rather peculiar and often a quite nasty taste. If the medicine don’t get to the very back of the tongue (where the swallowing reflex is activated), the reflex is to spit it out.

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