From our world of innovation and business development.

November, 2021

Support Red Barnet’s Christmas Charity Auction! We have donated a unique bespoke version of our new climate-business game Net Zero Game!

October, 2021

Meet us during the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing on October 18-21, 2021. Being heavily involved in an AAL-funded project, ALTO, we are eager to meet individuals, organisations and companies with an interest in multi modal stimulation protocols and how they are being deployed IRL within the care and wellness markets.

April, 2021

Meet us at the Digital Day at Ambiente on 20 April 2021 – and take a look at some of our products in our showroom at

February, 2021

Get a sneak peek at some of our best-kept secrets during the SXSW Creative Industries Exhibition March 16-20, 2021.

November, 2020

E-meet us at the online event on “Research and Innovation in technology for active and healthy ageing. What’s next?” on 12 November 2020 where we will tee up an interesting (we’re sure) discussion of the practical use of advanced IoT in healthcare.

March, 2020

Hard at work with new, exciting projects. Still available (except in person) via all communcation channels.

September, 2019

Proudly organizing an IoT workshop at AAL Forum together with a large Danish telecom.

June, 2019

Meet us at Nordstil, Hamburg, Germany (Hall A3.0, F63).

May, 2019

Meet us in Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark). We offer a preview to one of our latest developments within IoT-enabled products.

Meet us at IoTWeek, Aarhus, Denmark, on 18-20 June 2019

January, 2019

Meet us at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt in February 2019. We bring along with us a record-breaking number of exciting new innovations.

Meet us at Ambiente 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

July, 2017

We have located this sweet spot in the market which is presently underserved in many market segments. We’ll go to work and innovate to create products that create value for our customers and the end-users.

A sweet spot for new innovations with an impact

March, 2016

Thank You So Much for your visit at our Booth at IHA 2016 in Chicago!

The Inventor Recognition Award 2016

What a Great Show with the Greatest Souvenir: Heveas won the prestigious “The Inventor Recognition Award 2016”, International Home – Houseware Show, Chicago