Portable, pliable PentaBox protects your tiny treasures (jewelry, cufflinks and wireless earplugs) when you’re on the go!

Molded from one single piece of silicone with dual interior compartments, PentaBox offers a new way to keep small, fragile objects safe during transport – times two.

Because PentaBox is made of soft, elastic silicone, its shape automatically ‘defaults’ to the closed position – no need for hooks, clasps or fussy closures that might snag or catch on fabrics when stored in your luggage.

PentaBox has two soft oval-shaped compartments, roomy enough to stash small objects like jewelry, cufflinks or earbuds. The soft silicone surface cushioning each depression effectively cocoons your valuables, suspending each in its own individual compartment, so it’s impossible for them to touch, bump or scratch each other.

Designed with five flat sides that rest easily on any flat surface, PentaBox resists rolling or sliding.